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This is a few of  the pieces that I have recently created. I hope that these pieces bring intrigue to you as you view the thoughts of my mind in paint




The fabrics of cultures tell stories that cannot be found on paper. Patterns and symbols of ancestral codes worn with pride. In individuality showing each is a rare treasure. In unity reminding us the beauty grow from deeper than what we can devise. Covering and bountiful in utility, fabric is a staple to life. Wrapping us from birth to transition. Silky, warm, swaddling, hugging curves, and flowing through scenes. A testament to a few cloths and fabrics we see in our diaspora. Acrylic and Gold Leaf Orignial Dimensions: 18in x 24in


Balance, child

In an effort to express my feeling of balance at this point in my life I depict a woman as the base of scales. Each side hold pieces of what she is holding within her life, even though they symbolically are extreme opposites. She is the grace of a stage that is built by her heritage and culture. Above is an allegorical representation of balance and how she is blooming within all of that.




This is an expression that combines those beautiful portraits our parents and grandparents had in their homes over fireplaces, in hallways, and going up the stairs. But, of course I enjoyed adding a twist with a bit of abstract and 21st century mixes.

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