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Alafia! My name is Ja-Nessia, and while I dabble in many different roles on this stage we call life; in this space I am a creative. I am the artist behind the creations you see featured. I am on a journey of wisdom, ancestral knowledge, and spiritually. Out of the experiences that come from this I translate my feelings, lessons, and visions onto canvas usually with the medium of acrylic. The urge to create doesn't stop there for the fact that I also find so much joy in adorning people and bringing more beauty to the physical aspects of their being.


Nessia Creates is a space where I am able to share a few of my talents with the world. I truly believe the universe will always give us means to monetize our talents, and for this stage this is my home-base. Nessia Creates was birthed out of a shared apartment with a friend who is more like a sister. The inspiration I found there led me to trying to make things with my hands. Every piece ordered on the site is custom and handcrafted. So many varieties. So many different energy combinations. Especially when referring to adornments it is so important to me that the pieces reflect you an are tailored to your needs in that moment. Canvas art gives you a chance to look a story I have already told or the option to commission one of your own. I will forever have my head pointed forward always expecting growth and expansion. Thank you for your support and energy exchange. Peace and many blessings!

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