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Inspired by one of my lovely sisters and the bond she has with her baby girl. 

The poem reads:

     Oh child didn’t they tell you ya mama was a wild woman and so are you. see they wanna hide this from you. Allow you to forget the heart of mothers back you rested on. they want you to think she was uncivilized, strange, some even called her crazy. but oh child don’t be fooled. ya mama is a goddess and so are you. returning to a world in need of your unconventional style. see baby girl ya mama knew that if she could keep her heart wild, she could stay free. stay free of the constraints of a dying world. she knew she could be everlasting in what most see as a vacation, peace. so follow the wild drumbeat of the wild heart that beats within you. dance and reveal in every down beat and give your asè for the upbeats as well. a path of lessons, wisdom passed down for ages awaits you. you’ll have the power to transform any situation that rears its head towards you as long as you remember to stay in rhythm with the inherited wild drumbeat of your heart.


Orignial Dimensions:

  • 14in x 18in

Iya Yaba

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